About Goudi

Goudi is a village in Paphos county in the Chrysochous valley. It is situated 100 meters above the sea surface and it is spread in a mild slope between 60 and 120 meters .

The village has annual rainfall about 575 millimeters and in the area cereals ,legumes,caporal,use plants ,vegetables ,vines ,citrus,almond trees ,olives and carobs are cultivated.In the village there are two olive mills that work today.

Goudi met continuous population increase until 1960 while later the decrease of the population of the residents started because of urban attraction and migration that hit all the villages of the area.

More specifically the residents of the community in 1881 were 110, were increased to 199 in 1911, to 218 in 1931 and to 277 in 1960.After 1960 the phenomenon of Urbanism and Migration star to appear as a result in 1973 the population to be decreased to 175 and 1982 to 165 .In the population census that took place in 2001 the residents of Goudi were 156.

Goudi is connected to the south and southeast with the villages of Holli, Skoulli and to the east with the main road of Paphos -Polis.
It is 6 kilometers far from Polis and has a distance of 250 meters from the river of Hrysohous.

The most important source that there is for the origin of the today settlement is Mas Latri who mentions the village with the name ‘Vouti‘.the same writer includes it in the list of the Louzinianovenetikon royal fields and with 11 other villages placed them in Chrysochous county.

Ι. Κ. Peristianis notes that in Goudi language was taught before the English occupation.But the writer observes that the students were only taught reading.

For the name of the village ,according to an interpretation ,came from tha name of the first settler or owner of the village who was probably named Goudis .It is possible tough to come from the word‘ Voutima‘ (steep, dip in water )or ‘vouttin'(small earthenware jar).

For more information visit: www.goudi.org

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